What is the type of computer that you own?


What operating system is on the computer? 


Has the computer been experiencing constant problems that have simply gotten worse or has something suddenly gone wrong?  Select as many as apply from the list below.  Hold Ctrl for multiple selections while clicking your left mouse button.


Have there been any recent changes to the computer?  Examples of this would be upgrades of memory, video cards, audio cards or even hard drives. 


Would you like someone to come to your location and diagnose the problem or would you like to bring the computer to us?  Some customers would rather bring the computer to our repair facility.  Our house call fee is $65 and our bench check-in is $35.  In both cases the initial fees are applied to any repair or configuration work done.


Is there any requirement of when you need your computer repaired by? 


Do you have your data backed up? 


What was the most recent program installed on this computer? 


List the programs used on this computer. 


Do you have the original software to the programs listed above?  Most important is your operating system software.  Please list the programs that you have the original software and licenses for below.

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